Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I think that we can all agree that that is quite enough grandstanding from me: it's time for some fun!

All you intacts can play along unless you have not quite got far enough down the head yet then I suppose that these will give you something to aspire to beyond a chance to wash away the accumulated smegma.

So gather around me children, and to you all I will recite Revamp's Repugnant Revelations...

RRR The First: first find a toilet, now a one which is domestic rather than public is immensely preferable in this case but if you are going to go for one of the former for some reason then please opt for a cubicle to avoid getting gawped at.

Now stand over the toilet and roll yourself right the way back so that you can see the patch of exposed skin around the glans and right to the boundary between the foreskin and the rest of the penis (contrary to popular belief, btw, that organ is not a flap or fold or any other form of extension, it is its own seperate area with a clearly defined barrier between it and the rest of the shaft) until you get the sensation of pulling on it slightly.

Then release.

I found the process of urination seemed a good deal easier and I got a far faster and stronger flow although I made quite a bit more mess (this might be lack of practice though). The sensation of the urine spraying out as my whole head was revealed and tugged against by the skin is very satisfying indeed and whereas I barely ever stood to piss prior to discovering this method I rarely take any other position now.

RRR The Second: Frenulum Fun.

This one is just as simple if not more so: simply get your penis which can be either flaccid or slightly erect and peel down the head, preferably when your foreskin has been recently heated. Then stroke along and around the area of your frenulum, massaging around the general space but not touching the prominent connective tissue.

After as much of that as you want simply deliver a tiny tickle to the centre of your frenulum. For me at least this resulted in an instantly rock hard cock and a very enjoyable relief indeed.

Disclaimer: These have only worked from my experience, they might not for you. Please do let me know!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

An open email to Circlist:

Dear Gentlemen (and Ladies?) at Circlist,

On your website I read with interest the following passage which you appear to have placed in a large, coloured font seperate from the rest of the text, presumably in an attempt to emphasise it:

"A tight prepuce (foreksin) CANNOT BE CURED by stretching because small splits or tears which heal with scarring, make the condition worse than before. The only acceptable cure for a tight or phimotic foreskin is circumcision."

I find it rather worrying that this passage, especially the last sentance, received such prominence for the factual content is incorrect. I know this from personal experience: I cured my own phimosis using exclusively the Beauge's Method and I am now able to retract my foreskin over my penis even while fully erect. This was not a painful process in the slightest and in fact only required modification to my masturbatory habits. Even this caused me no discomfort and I actually find the new technique more stimulating. I did not require any form of surgery and I have not risked any of the complications which can occur during circumcision.

A catalogue of my efforts can be found here: http://beaugeblog.blogspot.com and if you believe my evidence to be overly annecdotal then please read the original study here:

I think you will agree that this is conclusive evidence for the lack of veracity of that paticular passage of your website and I hope that you remove it and replace it by providing information on the Beauge Method as an viable and undoubtably enjoyable alternative to circumcision for sufferers of Phimosis.

Yours sincerely,

James H

(email ends)

I am hoping for a reply and I shall inform you of whether or not I recieve one.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Interesting site, I have made a comment but its creator has set it to moderated and has not updated the site lately.

The incidence rates he listed were of most interest to me, it seems that studies have shown this to be a far more common condition than I had suspected, which was rather reassuring.

Overall I am more concerned about these with regards to any future sexual partners, I can now just about get my foreskin around the head while nearly fully-erect and my guess is that this problem will be cleared up by the time I actually find someone to lose my virginity with.

The papules however are there to stay. I suppose I will just have to get used to them, they do have a slightly majestic quality to them somehow and they are rather fascinating things to examine. I suppose I must only hope that the person I find will be shallow enough to look past them, although the prospect of a partner unaroused by my genitals is an unpleasant one.

I suppose I must be thankful that they were not something more severe or even amongst the worst cases of such a condition. They are, overall, benign and pose me no danger. For this, at least, I must be thankful.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Another Anonymous apparently accquired information on this matter from the following website: http://www.norm-uk.org

I was unaware that such an organisation even existed as in Britain has a very low circumcision rate and no form of RIC except within religious communities. In my last .school, for instance, my class had two circumcised boys from around twenty five, both were Jews. Statistics indicate well over nine out of ten boys are left intact. The procedure is not offered excepting special circumstances when there is no superior alternative (a very rare occurance) and the variety of vapid "I want them to look like their father" nonsense that apparently forms an adequete excuse for children to be mutilated in the US is not tolerated by our medical establishment

Bearing this in mind the organisation might seem slightly superfluous but apparently it acts to try and promote the foreskin as best it can, providing information on its numerous uses and assailing the excessive number of medical cause circumcisions that are carried out. Its main focus is one of providing restorations to men who were circumcised beyond their will or who accept the medical neccessity but not the practical and aesthetical and wish to amend their anatomy's abuse.

It also seems to double as a resource centre for the dispensation of information concerning the unradical treatment of the problem which caused this blog. According to Anonymous they informed him of a flaccid rolling treatment that worked quite well for him although he has stated some interest in attempting the Beauge too and I'll let you know how well it works out.

In the meantime check out the site, it is all interesting and their links section provided me with the quote I posted below.
Let irreverence resume.

Since I can now manage it without the assistance of any heat it was of little suprise to me that I could retract my foreskin after it had been soaked in the warmth of a bath with ease.

I believe that my post below actually overcomplicated the process of cleaning: it is really just a matter of folding back while submerged for a moment or two and then rolling back and as soon as you can say "Circumcised kids are cleaner" everthing is sorted.

Really. That's it.
"I have assisted with about 200 [circumcisions] and I have seen sleeping babies not wake up as I gently strapped them to the table. One even slept through the betadine and that is cold stuff. So it is not the restriction that is the problem.

"They take a metal probe-- similar to the one the dental hygienist scales teeth with-- and separate the foreskin from the glans. Babies scream so hard that they end up with their faces red and mouths wide open with no sound coming out. I had to hold their heads to the side because some vomit from the pain. I always had to get close to their faces and stroke their cheeks because they would stop breathing.

"The doc puts a bell over the foreskin and slides a sterile safety pin through a hole and then through the skin. He cuts with a blade for what seems like an eternity for this baby and deposits the skin on the sterile tray. The penis is RAW-- I often through [thought] it must feel like a 3rd degree burn with alcohol being poured over it. Consoling is impossible. They shake and their eyes are wide open with panic.

"Yes, I felt horrible every time. I never got used to it. Each procedure looked as barbaric as the next. [With] many, too much skin was taken off or too little (not worth that torture). I have seen infections, too: the risk of any invasive procedure-- even with sterile fields."

"Routine Infant Circumcision" is the most appalling euphamism of our times.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Want to hear something vaguely gross? Of course you do! Why the fuck else would you be reading this? Today I attempted fully folded back pissing for the first time...Wow. What an event.

It seems that an increase in self-pleasure (a fun session today involving across-the-bathroom-floor spurts) and cleanliness (I washed away nicely after) is not the only upside of this phimosis curing stuff: normally even on the days when my bladder is at its fullest of capacity my urea releases are nothing to write home about. Today however it was a high-pressure and highly satisfying stream that sated my urge in a swifter fashion that I was accustomed to.

Just thought I'd mention...
I recall an annecdote I read online when I consider the process of cleaning my penis: a woman who planned to keep her child intact in a country where routine infant circumcision rates are absurdly high (the U.S.) and who was, thus, rather unknowledgable on the exact anatomical why and wherefors of the foreskin asked her doctor what equipment she would require to clean her son's foreskin.

His response was a shrug and the words "Common sense."

I was reminded of it as, for one of the first times, I washed myself off because he was precisely right. The vast fuss made over it by the pro-circs appears totally unwarrented to me for two simple reasons: firstly the minute quantities of smega actually produced and secondly the immense ease with which I could wash any such substance away.

Perhaps it is true that my example of myself might be far too annecdotal to be reliable but the manner required to remove the supposedly dreaded stuff was far too simple for any of their arguments to hold much water. Even that argument made by that otherwise impeccably logically sound gentleman Dan Savage that circumcision makes affairs much more deservedly easy and pleasant for that most undeserdly maligned group, cocksuckers, is rather erroneous since basically you can wash the stuff away without a worry.

The process is actually so simple, not to mention obvious, that I feel rather silly describing it on this blog, but I suppose my duty is to inform so for all of you lacking in the doctor's advised trait here goes: get near to the water source before peeling the skin back and ensure that the water is of the right temprature before you start. This temprature should be around lukewarm, no colder than that (just because that would feel freezing) but not too much hotter either because that could end up scolding you. Do not give yourself a full-on blast with the power-shower unless you want to be stinging for the rest of the week. If you do then go for it but prepare yourself for some major desensitivisation. Instead just cup a palm and wash it over between the head and wipe the remaining residue off with a sponge or perhaps your foreskin. If you are in the bath then as long as it is the right temprature you can just submerge.

There, anything that actually genuinely came as a suprise there? If so to be honest I believe you should reconsider having children anyway...

In fact last night the whole thing felt superfluous anyway since there were only a few faint traces of smega, it seems since my large scale washing the stuff has mostly subsided although it will be doubtless be back at some point. No spurt yesterday, more of a gush. To be honest I think my opening had offered a little too much lube, it was gaping rather heavily but that seemed kind of cute to me.

P.S. I seem to have accquired something of a collaborator: R found this site through Wikipedia (as did, it seems, all of you readers except for one friend of mine) and suffers from similar problems. Unlike me however he seems to believe the Glansie might be the solution to all of his woes and has ordered one which will arrive within in a week or so.

He has given me permission to post up information about his progress and will be providing it for me once the device arrives. I shall let you know all that he allows me on the issues of how effective the tool is in widening his opening and whether poking that thing around along the glans hurts as much as I suspected it would...

Friday, April 14, 2006

Today things went well.


The first was very early morning as a result of a heavy case of insomnia. It was far too late for me to be running a bath so I attempted without heat to see how well I went. At first it appeared that progress was poor: there was highly uncomfortable tightness when I was rigid and made efforts to expose the full frenular delta. Rolling helped a good deal however and when I peeled and fell flaccid I managed to successfully retract fully across the head. I repeated this process a few times (if only because it looked cool) and despite some rather irksome tightness it seemed to slip over neatly.

I was rather suprised to discover that smega build-up did not seem to have noticably occured. I recall hearing a forum dwelling pro-circ describe in grisly detail about how the substance returned hourly and of how even regular bathing could do precious little to cease the endless production. This did not seem apparent in my case.

The sight of my whole head was still rather novel to me but it was certainly something I could get used to. After viewing it for a while and deciding my poor foreskin had been wrapped back around it for long enough I decided to complete the matter. I decided to try with my left hand today, not a usual approach for me. I agree with the old "It's just like a stranger..." line but I have always considered it a stranger who can not give pleasurable hand-jobs. I had not attempted it while pumping instead of rubbing however so I decided experimentation was in order.

It was not overly pleasurable, the hand was inexperienced and rather ineffective and for some reason (perhaps through becoming worn down?) the shaft seemed to be a good deal more suited for stimulation from the right than left hand. All the same, shape aside the skin being rolled along the shaft's head was the principal source of pleasure so as the sinister was almost as skilled as the right at this rudimentary task it was still pleasurable. In addition to some standard back-view of the female groin fresh in my mind from a recent website viewing I also had the image of a nubile pregnant woman entering labour which was quite bizarre content for fantasies even by my standards.

I have found that while focusing on the skin and its progress my fantasies, as you might expect, suffer and so attempted to alternate between the two as best I could and maintain a focus. Overall I succeeded and a pleasurable climax was reached.

The second today occured recently and late. I managed to peel myself around my head again (I have noticed that starting along the exposed edges of underside and the working the skin down evenly towards each end works better than going directly for the top and trying to work that around) and after one fairly extended viewing (I have learnt to stop fearing the snuggly fitting skin being wrapped right around quite so much) I returned to pumping. I was getting more used to the left by this point and as it got more practice the pleasure it elicited heightened.

As I had done the first time around I achieved a spurt, this time beforehand I had noticed an odd occurance whereby the urethral opening seemed to be a good deal more gaping than it had before. This was only momentary but it looked rather sweet and I enjoyed the shift.

I have speculated over whether exposing the glans in this fashion will reduce sensitivity but decided probably less so that leaving it to get infected would and, of course, surgery would have unknown consequences in this regard so this was probably the best course of action overall.

Something I had rather more control over was a amusing but painful problem that had presented itself: when flaccid some of my longer pubic hairs are long enough to reach the base of the head. When the skin rolled back over these became trapped and sealed underneath it and required me to prise them out from between the glans and foreskin in a rather painful but oddly satisfying fashion.

To avoid this somewhat unpleasant state of affairs I ensured I pushed all such hairs down and away from my exposed head. The result was a vast improvement: an elimination of the occurance entirely.

I decided to be thankful.

P.S. Thankfully it seems that I was probably incorrect about the whole Glansie thing: they provided a few fairly and one highly anti-circ sites in their Links section which leads me to believe that them being a pro conspiracy is fairly ridiculous.

I am still opposed to their choice of photograph though: why must such products always show a happy couple walking down a beach? I could understand if it was something which might stop you walking but phimosis does not really classify as a crippling condition, walking across sand is not something a tight foreskin restricts you from. I am aware it is meant to symbolise the contentment felt in the hearts of those who use their product but what it really ends up doing is leaving you wondering how they thought such a lazy cliche could still attract customers despite having been used since the 80's.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

My old, ubiquitous friend Anonymous showed me this:


Yes ladies (of the curious variety) and gentlemen I present to you the Glansie, a devise devised for the auto treatment of Phimosis that has an effectiveness of a level I have not yet had the good fortune to test but an appearence that leads me to suspect that it was actually concocted by more creative elements of the pro-circ movement.

Supporting this little conspiracy hypothesis (not a theory, there is no such thing as a "Conspiracy Theory", the term theory is reserved for things with solid factual evidence such as Evolution) is the frontpage's claim that it effects "many uncircumcised men" and its failure to mention either the Beauge Method or the use of localised steroid creams to treat the condition. Admittedly the largest font sentance runs "No circumcision. You can cure Phimosis by yourself" yet its entry on circumcision runs as follows: "Circumcision. Circumcision is a relatively simple surgical technique which is sometimes appropriate as a solution to phimosis."

I believe that it overstates its simplicity somewhat (especially during adulthood, although of course childhood presents its own problems what with the fused foreskin/glans and all the difficulties that can cause) and it is rather overly promotional for a website trying to market a product. All the same it has, apparently, been utilised by over 3000 men and no doubt its lack of soothing appearence masks an adequete ability to amend the situation confronting many a man.

And in addition, who am I to judge? My personal selection might be a good deal less fiscally punitive (I no longer even have to cover the costs of olive oil and progress is now only the price of a warm bath) but has it been as fully effective as two pieces of extendable metal inserted along the glans.

And indeed today I found that without the assistance of warmth (and on the topic of temprature, would those prongs being inserted not be highly cold? Especially as they would be pushing along and resting on one what is undoubtably of the most sensitive part of the male anatomy, especially for phimosis sufferers?) my ability to retract myself was severely limited. I could make some progress once I had warmed myself up with a hot shower and even attempted running warm water directly from a tap along my shaft but it seemed that without full submersion and soaking I could not fully complete the same, totally exposed head antics as I had the night before.

In short things were rather unsatisfactory, if not painful during my attempts to pull across the top of the shaft. I ensured that I stopped once this discomfort was reaching breaking point for nothing good has ever ensued from forcing a foreskin. I decided to abort when my little sister (awake earlier than I had anticipated) requested to use the toilet for its originally intended purpose (but not in so many words, being as she was thankfully oblivious to my activities).

I fled the room once the testament to recent arousal had abided and decided to postpone my efforts indefinetely.

As I failed even to reach any form of climax it was rather frustrating but tomorrow, as they say, is another day. I shall be sure keep you fully informed.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I pulled it off!

Well...So to speak.


In short last night was a sweet success and I have made great progress to achieving my overall aim. In long I took a bath as standard, using warmth instead of O.O. (which I have decided is more trouble, and possibly pain, than it is worth) and set about amending myself.

I not but certainly should have described a certain aspect of the raw mechanics of the process thus far: that of the difference betwixt rolling and peeling. Rolling is the process of using a fist or fingers to simply bring the skin down as far as it will go when some pressure is applied around the shaft. Unlike peeling it is noticably easier when the shaft is erect. It is rather to immensely pleasurable but does not exploit the full potential for elasticity that the foreskin possesses.

Peeling, however, does and through gently prising the skin down along the head (as slowly and softly as the skin requires) it allows me to get a great deal further than with rolling alone. Currently I am uncertain whether rolling lays the foundations for progress with rolling or visa versa but with practice both have managed to improve a good deal.

I started with rolling tonight but progressed to a peel fairly quickly because in recent times I had managed to get around the underside of the head which was very interesting. I managed to repeat this feat tonight and was rewarded with a good look at the spotted underside of my head which I found rather majestic upon this occasion. Unlike previous times I paid equally divided attention to both the left and right side of the head, I had spent more time working on the right because I believed it was far more heavily spotted but when I spread out my efforts it appeared that actually there was equal density further down the head.

Exposing the full underside was excellent but the real achievement of the evening occured in a fashion I would not have anticipated: while the penis had fallen flaccid as it was prone to after a peel. For whereas rolling actually encourages and sustains turgidity peeling tends to induce it to cease. This had previously resulted in me abandoning peeling for rolling in an attempt to reinvigourate the member but upon this occasion I opted for a new approach: in addition to attempting to roll while unerect I also focused more on the overside of the head (anyone who could supply me with a technical term for this would be amply rewarded with my eternal gratitude) and seeing whether I could obtain an equal quantity of advancement with this area.

The sensation and sight of the skin rolling over this part were both immensely unusual: it seemed for a moment as if there was no possibility of the skin being breached by the topside of the glans but it shuddered and shifted slightly before slipping neatly and entirely over the head. Considering how far the skin had to travel I was anticipating much more of a struggle but it seemed that the foreskin is a highly well designed extention: it has the capability to slip snugly backwards once over the underside, despite the far greater distance it is required to shift and the extra flesh it needs to accomodate. It seemed that the top of the head and all the ridge running around was equally evenly coated with the white spots but there seemed to be a slight up-curve of flesh as it reached the glans which was rather fascinating.

It was at this point that I got my first true sighting of smega, I had caught glimpses of smudges before but this was the first time any great quantity of the substance was exposed by my prisings. It was smeared around the skin and over the topside of the head. Despite knowing that this stuff had a geniune purpose and I gained many positive benefits from it it was not, overall, a totally pleasant first impression. Still, its lack of aesthetical greatness belied a great use.

I mused upon how the stuff had gotten shifted during the many years before (if at all), as I washed it away as best I could. The process was rather messy and when I rolled back up it forced a mixture of urethral opening provided lube, water and, of course, smega back along the glans in a fashion that was one part unsettling and four part satisfying.

The sensation of rolling back up was most satisfying and after some further examination (the warmth provided adequete loosening for my skin to fit around easily while flaccid and despite some occasions where I feared momentarily that I would find it impossible to return the foreskin around the head an "Up, around and over" approach worked admirably in the avoidance of such an occurance) I resumed rolling and, deciding that I was clean enough, brought the entire affair to a pleasurable conclusion.

Heavy spurting ensued.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gah, sorry about the lack of updates!

It seems that this blog was locked after a computer believed it to be a spam-bot blog and I have been ill for the past fortnight which has rather hindered my efforts either to update or make any progress. I had some posts typed up but the site in which I was storing them then made the friendly gesture of deleting then utterly making this impossible.

Basically I have been getting somewhere lately though, basically I have managed to get it over the underside of the head which is great and the feeling of rolling it back up is just indescribable.