Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Yes friends, it would seem that the Summer months are well and truly through. Here in Britain at least (I am aware that I have some readers from the sub-planetary hemisphere as well, enjoy your sunny Christmas you lot!) the days grow colder along with the day shorted and to add to the already rather unpleasant nature of this occurance it appears that my body has begun to respond in yet another unfortunate fashion.

When exposed to the cold human skin contracts and tightens. This can make the figure look more tight and, perhaps, aesthetically pleasing when scanitily or non-existantly clad (as any pornographic photographer worth his semen knows) but in my case it also results in a less than enjoyable grip being delivered by the preputal sphincter.

However this can easily be amended by exerting some minor pressure on the top of the penis and pushing down for total retraction. After a few swishes in this fashion it fades, especially once the foreskins distribution across the glans and mucosal tissue has completed by which point things are internally slippery and fun.

Or just have a warm bath or shower and turn the heating up, whatever.