Friday, April 14, 2006

Today things went well.


The first was very early morning as a result of a heavy case of insomnia. It was far too late for me to be running a bath so I attempted without heat to see how well I went. At first it appeared that progress was poor: there was highly uncomfortable tightness when I was rigid and made efforts to expose the full frenular delta. Rolling helped a good deal however and when I peeled and fell flaccid I managed to successfully retract fully across the head. I repeated this process a few times (if only because it looked cool) and despite some rather irksome tightness it seemed to slip over neatly.

I was rather suprised to discover that smega build-up did not seem to have noticably occured. I recall hearing a forum dwelling pro-circ describe in grisly detail about how the substance returned hourly and of how even regular bathing could do precious little to cease the endless production. This did not seem apparent in my case.

The sight of my whole head was still rather novel to me but it was certainly something I could get used to. After viewing it for a while and deciding my poor foreskin had been wrapped back around it for long enough I decided to complete the matter. I decided to try with my left hand today, not a usual approach for me. I agree with the old "It's just like a stranger..." line but I have always considered it a stranger who can not give pleasurable hand-jobs. I had not attempted it while pumping instead of rubbing however so I decided experimentation was in order.

It was not overly pleasurable, the hand was inexperienced and rather ineffective and for some reason (perhaps through becoming worn down?) the shaft seemed to be a good deal more suited for stimulation from the right than left hand. All the same, shape aside the skin being rolled along the shaft's head was the principal source of pleasure so as the sinister was almost as skilled as the right at this rudimentary task it was still pleasurable. In addition to some standard back-view of the female groin fresh in my mind from a recent website viewing I also had the image of a nubile pregnant woman entering labour which was quite bizarre content for fantasies even by my standards.

I have found that while focusing on the skin and its progress my fantasies, as you might expect, suffer and so attempted to alternate between the two as best I could and maintain a focus. Overall I succeeded and a pleasurable climax was reached.

The second today occured recently and late. I managed to peel myself around my head again (I have noticed that starting along the exposed edges of underside and the working the skin down evenly towards each end works better than going directly for the top and trying to work that around) and after one fairly extended viewing (I have learnt to stop fearing the snuggly fitting skin being wrapped right around quite so much) I returned to pumping. I was getting more used to the left by this point and as it got more practice the pleasure it elicited heightened.

As I had done the first time around I achieved a spurt, this time beforehand I had noticed an odd occurance whereby the urethral opening seemed to be a good deal more gaping than it had before. This was only momentary but it looked rather sweet and I enjoyed the shift.

I have speculated over whether exposing the glans in this fashion will reduce sensitivity but decided probably less so that leaving it to get infected would and, of course, surgery would have unknown consequences in this regard so this was probably the best course of action overall.

Something I had rather more control over was a amusing but painful problem that had presented itself: when flaccid some of my longer pubic hairs are long enough to reach the base of the head. When the skin rolled back over these became trapped and sealed underneath it and required me to prise them out from between the glans and foreskin in a rather painful but oddly satisfying fashion.

To avoid this somewhat unpleasant state of affairs I ensured I pushed all such hairs down and away from my exposed head. The result was a vast improvement: an elimination of the occurance entirely.

I decided to be thankful.

P.S. Thankfully it seems that I was probably incorrect about the whole Glansie thing: they provided a few fairly and one highly anti-circ sites in their Links section which leads me to believe that them being a pro conspiracy is fairly ridiculous.

I am still opposed to their choice of photograph though: why must such products always show a happy couple walking down a beach? I could understand if it was something which might stop you walking but phimosis does not really classify as a crippling condition, walking across sand is not something a tight foreskin restricts you from. I am aware it is meant to symbolise the contentment felt in the hearts of those who use their product but what it really ends up doing is leaving you wondering how they thought such a lazy cliche could still attract customers despite having been used since the 80's.


Anonymous Rob said...

Hey. I am a 17, nearly 18 year old with phimosis. I just found your blog today, and it happed to be the same day I purchased a glansie just to see if it worked. I should be getting it within a week, and the I have 60 days to try it before the guarantee is up. I have tried regular stretching, but there seems to be no result, perhaps becuse I havent stuck to it. I cant even pull my skin down when flacid. I am glad I found this, and maybe we can help each other out. Email me at, and maybe we can talk more. Hope to hear from you.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Revamp said...

Sure thing, I will email you as soon as I get enough time to.

5:23 PM  
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