Saturday, September 30, 2006

A jolt of shock and a glow of happiness. Today is a good day:

[Extract from The Times, Saturday 30th September's "Body&Soul" section]


Out eight-yearoldson's foreskin will not pull back over the top of his penis. OGP says he will need to be circumcised, and that it is better to get it done soon. Is there an alternative?

James W. Macaulay, Cumbria

All boys are born with non-retractible foreskins. In the vast majority of boys, the foreskin will retract by puberty. There is a great deal of data suggesting that, most cases, boys have a retractible foreskin 4. But for some this won't happen until 5, 8, even 10 or 11, and this is nothing to worry about.

Don't be tempted to do anything to encourage the foreskin to retrac Eventually the adhesions holding the foreskin in place will begin to break down and it will gradually retract. It would, however, be reasonable to see a paeatric surgeon or paedaetric eurologist for advice. In the vast majority of cases the foreskin will, in time, retract naturally, without the need for surgical intervention."

Well thank goodness, that yet other GP was so hazardously incompetant worries me but that that this parent was set straight and perhaps many others through reading this articles reassures me.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Hello all, I am back (finally) after an enforced hiatus resulting from my lack of home internet thanks to a dodgy ISP (BT no less, grr...) which seemed to find doing its job and getting me connected the most difficult and convoluted process (if I hear the word "Escalate" just one more time I am going to scream) imaginable but thankfully that is all in the past now. Broadband resumes and I am a happy (and non-phimotic) bunny once more.

But being offline has given me some thinking time (an odd experience to start again after so long but a little like riding a bicycle) during which I have pondered this blog: since it was originally intended as a chronichle for my struggle with phimosis, a struggle which is now pretty much over and has been for quite a while now what purpose exactly does it serve?

As a resource to help others who are in similar situation to the one which I was in of course! There appear to be far too few websites informing people of this and far too many (even the official medical website of India!) spreading the nonsense that a total preputal amputation is neccessary to fix this pretty minor problem. So that is my new cause really, I have helped a few people out through email and even gave advice to an e-friend about a relative (which was somewhat unexpected) at one point.

So it feels good to be back, how ever did you lot cope without me?