Friday, May 26, 2006

The Beauge Method got mentioned on Scrubs!

Alright, so not directly or by name but the basic principle was used during a diagnosis:

Kim: So, Josh, you are suffering from a condition called phimosis. It's basically a hardening of your foreskin. As part of your treatment, I'm going to ask that you masturbate... 5 times a week.
JD's narration: Help the poor kid out...
JD: Wow 5 times a week, huh? For me that would be cutting back!
JD's narration: He said in front of his future girlfriend.
JD:You know what? I should probably mosey. (edit)

Hah! Brilliant, I am happy to see that we got a mention in a show so mainstream and hilarious. I love Scrubs a lot, I like it more since I noticed the pro-intact messages they use sometimes and this only make me more fond of it. Hopefully some watching will have realised they could try masturbation instead of amputation.

Oh and apparently JD is intact, he fell of a horse and a friend checked if he could still retract. Good to know.

PS- This just in from Reuters: "Today Mel Gibson announced a sequel to his previous effort is to be released during the Summer of 2007. Little is known of this new film, which is currently in production, besides the fact that the plot is based around the myth of the Holy Prepuce, the title: The Docking of the Christ and the somewhat unusual casting of Ron Jeremy as Jesus."

Sunday, May 21, 2006


You think you know next to everything about an issue and then you come across something like this:

Apparently there is a theological debate that has raged for centuries regarding the fate of Jesus' foreskin. As (according to Luke) it was removed during the 8th day after his birth, as per usual for Jews not familiar with the Bris Shalom, this leaves us with the tricky question of what occured to it when he ascended.

Did it go along with him or did it remain behind? Or was it restored to him during his ressurection? Now I have heard that the standard methods of foreskin growth are rather trying but crucifixion seems a little extreme. Although considering he got the Salvation of Mankind and a repaired penis out of it he probably saw it as a fair break.

Many churches and individuals have claimed to have obtained his foreskin, presumably because it is a little more interesting than saying you have a piece of the original cross although maybe more problematic to find a suitable forgery of than a random chunk of wood.

In addition a 17th Century astromoner by the name of Leo Allatius speculated that the prepuce might have ascended into the heavens and become the ring of Saturn.

Which is in itself is so funny I am not even going to attempt to add to it.

They should definetely make this a Main Page article...

Monday, May 15, 2006

My apologies for updates being somewhat thin on the ground of late, tomorrow my GCSEs start so I have been somewhat stretched ('scuse the pun) for time.

Yesterday after some pretty extended pumping I managed to get it rolling along the shaft while clutching low rather than peeling or a high hold.

Did that make any sense at all?

Basically things are getting easier but still fairly tight, I reach about half way down the glans when erect without manual motion.

I should emphasise that getting it to roll so smoothly without heat took quite a while, I was under circumstances that made extending the process a neccessity. I observed (well, actually I would have to be pretty damn unobservant not to notice it) that the climax was a good deal more intense and pleasurable, first a few huge spurts (how could I ever have lived without them?) and then the afters pumped out along the foreskin's inner lining.

Very good indeed, hoping that progress will continue.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

There has been little opportunity of late to experiment much further, I have however observed that it is becoming a good deal easier to roll back while urinating.

I have something of a rant concerning the over-prescription of circumcision to treat this condition that blights even my own nation (one that thankfull abandoned RIC in the 40s...) within me but I am trying to find the words and the time to express it properly.

You could help by checking out the Listen Again function on the BBC site to listen to the Sunday Surgery here: and letting me know if this issue comes up and what the good doctor suggests as a solution, especially if it is circumcision.

If the answers to both of those questions is no then save that file, for that show is a rarity, if not unique...

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Tightness is decreasing nicely, with warmth I can normally peel back even while erect without to much difficulty.

The strange thing that happened yesterday was folding myself right back why flaccid. Normally my skin is sort of furled up around the head, heavily crinkled and obviously more than a little bunched up.

So I decided to see what would happen if I gently pulled it all down along the shaft as far as it could get. It was a little delicate but fairly easy to tug the skin right down and along and it gave me quite a view. It made me realise for the first time just how much skin there is, normally it is tight and compact but when loose and spread it really does take up a lot of space. It looked different to the rest of the shaft and added on an extra layer in addition to leaving my head well and truly exposed. It was quite a bizarre sight, all in all, the senstation was just as strange: feeling my cock double coated along the middle and totally bare at the top felt oddly brilliant and utterly novel.

Soon enough though I had to terminate my viewing as the process got me fully erect and so I was forced to alleviate this. The intense pleasure of rubbing along the bottom of and just underneath the frenulum is immense, even the lightest tickle yields explosive results and just how much enjoyment came from stimulating it suprised me deeply. It seems to go on and off though, some times it will not be doing anything for me but on the days that it does it always makes me melt.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I received an email of great interest to me this morning, I had all but lost hope of obtaining a response from CircList but they excelled my expectations with this:

The website is a combination of postings from CIRCLIST members. Thus I will not remove the passage, but rather add your own to that section with your permission. Nonetheless, we do not recommend stretching but rather full, tight circumcision as the best remedy for a tight (or any) foreskin.


I found this highly satisfactory, although they did not agree to remove the offending piece of misinformation they agreed to actually place a piece of my writing upon their actual website.

Note please that I still found the (or any) a most displeasing and illuminating: it seems that if they sore a phimosis afflicted penis their first thought would not be along the lines of "Hmm, that looks far too tight" but something closer to "Ugh! Foreskin, how unsightly!"

It certainly gave me a glimpse into the mind-set.

Regardless (or, to be more precise, solely due to) my quarrels with their stance on this issue I found the prospect of my words dedicated to showing circumcision as superfluous in this instance being place upon their website rather pleasing, although the whole occurance seems slightly like a Stormfront member being asked to moderate the Forums...

I suspected that they might add some commentary detracting from my words or some other form of degregation but as my aim is only to inform and they seemed reasonable enough in the email I dispatched the following message:

"I would be more than happy to provide you permission to place my words with regards to this issue on your site, all right of copy is extended to you.

Personally though I do not consider circumcision as a true "Remedy" in all but the most drastic of cases as the foreskin is not really an ailment.

Though I suppose that there is little that I can do to change your minds with regards to this issue, although I do find this a pity.


As you may have been able to tell from the last two lines I had decided that David, as he mans the emails for one of the most pro-circ websites in existance, was probably beyond my powers of persuasion.

I have had easier targets to focus on: I contacted two fellows providing their email addresses and asking questions with regards to this issue. The first was on some form of bulletin board which rarely received much attention and requested some information over an unretractable foreskin. From his testimony I deduced that he was most probably suffering from frenulum breve. Although he initially expressed a desire for a complete circumcision once I made mention of the relatively unradical frenuplastory operation and gave a link to an article on the matter (that can be found here ) he expressed doubts and informed me he would seek a doctor whose primary agenda did not appear to be the removal of his prepuce.

In addition I read a post on a Comments section in a website which posted a link to a rather unpleasant device named the SmartKlamp requesting to know whether the intact or circumcised penis provided more pleasure and, again, providing an email address.

Utilising it I informed him that I had evaded circumcision so could not make a before-and-after style analysis but the very reason for this avoidance was the pleasure the prepuce provided me with.

He thanked me but I am still uncertain over why he required my input, who for and what his decision was. Perhaps I shall recieve further correspondence, if so you will be notified.

In addition I am now a member of a motherhood forum where (despite feeling somewhat out of place) I have made various posts on this issue and others and am attempting to convince some mothers-to-be to spare their sons circumcision, albeit with limited success at present.

So, with all this intactivism you might well ask how well my own foreskin is bearing up. As my CircList email stated I am now capable of retracting while erect, in addition since the time of writing that I am not able to obtain the "Gliding Motion" with a reasonable amount of ease.

There is still quite a bit of tightness though, especially when it is furled for extended periods or/and without the assistance of warmth. The skin is sure to stretch however and I certainly do not find it much of a hinderence to obtaining pleasure.

I have observed that reaching a climax while the foreskin is around the head or retracted are two varying experiences. During the latter there is of course the joy of spurting and I seem to experience a little more force, the former is certainly more messy but oddly pleasureful in its own way although it tends to leave the lingering longing to urinate once concluded.

I shall investigate into this one further...