Monday, March 19, 2007

Ah yes and finally here is my new blog:

Which covers a rather broader set of topics, but I'll probably slip some contextually innappropriate mentions in there now and again; I even managed to in my first post! For now I am finding the wider remit somewhat baffling in its possibilities but I am certain I shall do something worthwhile with it.

Goodbye guys.
I feel that it is time, if you will excuse the pun, for me to hit this one on the head.

As you might have noticed this is the first post I have made this year and it shall also be my last. The point of this blog was to chart my preputial progress and that process is complete and was a long time ago. It has been plenty of fun and anyone who comes across this post and is hoping for some help can still email me at {that offer is open to all of you old timers as well :)}

The more astute, or downright memorable, of you may also have noticed that today is the first annual anniversary of my premier post here and that also seems as good a point as any the end it on. To be honest it could have ended a lot sooner, my phimosis certainly did, but I suppose I am just sentimental. My thanks to Doctor Beauge for saving me steroids and surgery and plaudits to Weregoat for aiding and abetting this foul chronicle.

I shall leave you with how this all started: