Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Today was quite a stunner.

As I might have mentioned prior to my usage of the Beauge Method and while my phimosis reigned my urethral opening was barely ever exposed (in fact to do so caused me minor pain) and stimulation consisted of just rubbing the skin horizontally along the glans my orgasmic flow consisted of a fast stream, or at best a forceful river.

Now however the appropriate comparison is probably a geyser.

The first round of self-abuse (don't you just love the Irish? They have the best phrases for everything...) was astounding enough and some heavy coronal rim stim resulted in a massive spurt that struck the underside of my jaw. I found that amazing enough and it was already a record so when it came to my seconds I doubted immensely that further acheivements would be accomplished. How wrong I was...

My second spurt actually coated my chin, a pretty astounding occurance as far as I was concerned. My musing of whether or not to leave it there was cut short by the consideration of the possibility of a There's Something About Mary style situation. All the same I considered it quite an acheivement.

Oddly though I find the spurt a rather less sensual occurance that when the skin coats the head. Eminantly preferable is to cup it near to the opening when the heat, force and texture resultant from orgasm strike can be felt in its full glory and experienced totally through so sensitive an area. However spurting is somewhat more satisfying in its own way: it serves as more of a -release-. So as both are brilliant in their own way I have discovered the optimum is to allow a full spurt at first while fully retracted and then to return the foreskin around the head and allow the rest to pump along it in the highly pleasurable fashion which I am accustomed to.

And to think that others take voyages for the purpose of self-discovery! I have found out all this about myself in bed and seated upon a toilet...


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