Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I did not get a great enough quantity of time last night to create a proper update so I suppose that you shall simply have to settle for a double-bill today:

Yesterday I utilised a technique which I had been advised upon by various sources but not acted upon due to some iffy plumbing that I only had fixed fairly recently.

Basically, as any pornographer photographer worth their salt knows cold water tenses up the body greatly, making almost all parts tighter and more restricted. As you might have guessed though warm water has precisely the opposite effect: the body grows looser and less firm.

This is, apparently, none to useful during pornography shots but when attempting to peel overly-tight skin over yourself it is nigh-on invaluble.

The bath was thankfully very warm although not too hot to cause me discomfort (enough to make me sleepy however, I suffered from severe snoozing prior to my manual grapplings) and in addition it provided some much needed heat to the room in general as the warmth dispersed and was trapped by the closed window and door.

Smelling fragrent (vanilla scented body lotion/shampoo is awesome BTW) and feeling fresh I emerged, dried and began.

The result was instantly noticable and highly beneficial: elasticity seemed to have been increased so greatly I did not even require the olive oil to reach the stage achieved during my previous full attempt. I considered using it regardless to witness whether even greater results would occur but the bath had lost some warmth by this point and the prospect of fully washing it all off was not one that I relished so I continued sans lube.

All the same it was actually very easy going, I did not really experience any stinging worthy of a mention and of course the little ache that accompanied the oil oozing into the orifice was not present so overall it was far more comfortable than my last effort.

The process takes a good deal more time than my standard manual mangling and was rather less pleasurable during the build up but I was happily aware that I was making progress at a rapid rate so I was content in this way and the enjoyable feeling elicited by rubbing the skin along the more sensitive areas of the head partially compensated for the rather uncomfortable tightness.

During this session I had an alteration of concern: before I had worried of pulling it too far down and it becoming lodged but during this point I was concerned of pulling it too hard resulting in it splintering. A split foreskin would be one with consequences of a circumcision if I was lucky so that notion was hardly one which I relished. I opted for the softly-softly, slowly-but-surely route and ensured that I never forced it but eased instead.

For those amongst you without the equipment with which to make an equilivent experiment if left to yourselves (which should be at least 60% counting women) I should at this point describe the raw mechanics in a tiny bit more detail: the skin when stretched could reach to the crown of the head, resulting in the tip of the glans being revealed in a dome. The rest of the head remained hidden and during my upwards motions the skin furled up into a small tubular appendage.

It was quite an interesting process to watch and my mind was rather pre-occupied and uninspired at that point meaning that my fantasy was rather poor, based around a large quantity of fruit being inserted a rather becoming set of female genitals (random? Yes. I know.) which was adequete but hardly as inspiring as I could plausibly hope for.

This may have been the cause for my rather undramatic climax which hardly had me in peals of ecstacy but left me reasonably well pleasured. Besides, the lack of focus also permitted me to observe the change that occured: whereas before the skin could only be strained around the tip of the head when I started, once I had completed it had progressed to the stage where a tiny section of the flesh beneath the aforementioned dome was also revealed and using the sloshing headful of semen (I had failed to spurt, alas) it was possible to fold the underside back slightly more. Unfortunately the milky mess was too opaque for me to get a sighting of the frenulum which was a pity, considering the pleasure it has brought me over the years it would be delightful to finally see it in face-to-organ.

I intend to attempt again later this evening, immediately after this post and another bath in fact. I plan to use the opening offered by the underside's curl to fill the small fault runs along the bottom of the head with some O.O. and see whether this aids my efforts. In addition I shall incoperate some more fren-play just for fun.

Overall I estimate the combination of heat and lubricant should serve admirably, I shall let you know whether I was correct once I myself know.


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