Monday, March 20, 2006

March 20th 2006

Tonight I did not really go for the full soak and stretch due to time constraints. I did use the pumping motion lightly but the skin was still folded over the head meaning I did not achieve a spurt, sadly. All things considered it was rather a dissapointment after my last time which was rather glorious, it was a rushed and late night affair so I suppose that is to be anticipated though.

I noticed an oddity which is that during my last effort with the olive oil I did not really feel the need to urinate afterwards whereas generally (prepare yourself for a highly pleasant mental image) I felt it very strongly and relieved myself with an oh-so-delighful mix of urine and semen. Today it was back with a vengance and for the first time I actively noticed it and found it rather irksome.

Tomorrow I shall go in for the full affair one again, time allowing.


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